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Bob Dean Presents US Government Disclosure Refusal on UFOs

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UFO HUNTERS - UFO EMERGENCY - Aliens/Extraterrestrial/Paranormal (documentary)


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British MoD will release 18 more before unaccounted UFO file View latest post
Yesterday, 19:29 by anDroid
MoD officials previously claimed the last of their real life X-Files were released last June.
Now, however, the government will declassify and release the archive to the National Archives...

UFO Sighting In Zimbabwe Could Prove Mankind Is Not Alone View latest post
Yesterday, 14:55 by anDroid
On the 14th of September 1994, 62 children in Zimbabwe reportedly witnessed a UFO. Adding to the mystery was the sighting of diminutive...

The Eye of Horus, A New Discovery on Mars View latest post
22.09.2014, 19:20 by anDroid
Mike Bara reveals a fascinating new discovery from his new book Ancient Aliens on Mars 2, in the form of a massive building shaped in the form of the Egyptian Eye of Horus. First identified...

Indisputable truth about PLANET X or NIBIRU, Portorož View latest post
22.09.2014, 18:40 by anDroid
Planet X filmed by European Southern Observatory located in Chile on 09/20/2014.

Jordan woman photograph a UFO/ORB green ORB? View latest post
22.09.2014, 18:30 by anDroid
On July 31, Jordan woman Marlea Cottrill came to The Citizen office agape.
Cottrill had snapped three photos the previous day that she could not explain. Using a friend's iPhone 5,...

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