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Is This Reptilian Caught On Live TV Show? View latest post by Myth
in Conspiracy theories
This case from France (Beautiful French Girl has Reptilian Eyes )
These are no contacts. She was teased as a child for looking different.
For the people who don't...

UFO - Three Light ORBs filmed over Zagreb, Croatia View latest post by Myth
in UFOs and USOs
This video was taken on 22nd of October, 2014. This is very interesting video, on which you can see three ORBs hovering in triangle formation, then split and fly...

Cylindrical UFO taken on clear sky - MUFON case View latest post by Myth
in Personal UFO/USO sightings and testimonies
Date: 2014-01-31 7:00PM
Location:Santa Rosa, CA, US
Picture Identification. Help me out! I am uploading a picture I found on my camera. I didn’t...

Cigar Shaped UFO Appears In Lightening Storm View latest post by Myth
in UFOs and USOs
In this video you can clearly see what looks to be a Cigar shaped UFO hovering in the sky. You can only see the Cigar Shaped UFO when the lightening reveals it....

Huge Times Square 9/11 Ad Will Get Thousands To Rethink 9/11 View latest post by Myth
in Conspiracy theories
Oh, how the times are changing. Just 10 short years ago it would have been unfathomable to see an ad with the intent of speaking out in favor of 9/11 truth. In the...

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