More and more centers of investigation are changing their view on the UFO reality.

They are now doing formal research on the subject. That is the case of the American University in Washington. They organized the summit UFOs: Encounters with Generals, Pilots and Government officers. It took place on November 2014.

We have also the institute of space science in Bulgaria.

Recently they had their very first conference on the existence of UFO’s and ET life. Prof. Richard Savilopof, director of the department of astrophysics and director of the space institute in Bulgaria was also there in this summit and said this has been a forbidden subject for scientists, but interest is growing worldwide.

Summit was organised by institue of space sciences. Many have approved this summit, among them was a man who saw a huge UFO over Kremikovsky. This man contacted prof. Filipov and wanted to stay anonymous, because he works with many private industries and don't want to be mocked.