This is the  1,100 square meter villa made by 3D printer

3D printing has gained a tremendous amount of popularity recently.  This amazing technology can print almost any shape, usually working from a three dimensional model of the desired output. Electronic data sources can also be used. It is a technology that has grabbed the attention of various firms and organizations, including NASA. NASA plans to build settlement on Moon before astronauts land.

One of the most recent 3D prints to be made public comes from a Chinese company that is using the technology to build five-story apartments – potentially the world’s tallest buildings constructed through such means. They use construction waste as building materials and the clear environmental implications of such a process are promising. The company, based in Shanghai, is called WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co, and as RT news reports, they have also utilized the technology to build a 1,100 square meter villa in the Suzhou industrial park of China’s Jiangsu Province.

According to the company’s website, it took one day to build one level of the building and another five to put it together. Not bad, huh?

This giant technology (gigantic 3D printer) is able  to create entire structures out of multiple materials, including concrete. It could also reduce the total cost of owning a home, and make repairs to homes damaged by natural events less costly. This type of technology could also embed all of the more physical requirements necessary to run a home, such as electricity, plumbing and air conditioning.

It’s also an incredibly efficient way to build a house, given the fact that it saves a high percentage of construction waste and labor costs. The only foreseeable downside to this process is the potential for people to lose their jobs. Companies who do not acquire or learn how to use this technology could also go out of business.

Here is the five story apartment building made by 3D printer

In this picture you can see the 3D parts being put together.