The videos were captured at the Academia de Guerra Aérea (AGA), or Air Force War Academy, in Santiago, Chile in 2012. After years of careful analysis, a scientific board has declared the UFO event an “anomalous luminous phenomenon” of unknown origin.

The incident took place at about 7:45 pm on September 3, 2012. The witnesses were a paramedic, an emergency medical technician (EMT), and a sergeant. The sergeant was responsible for the security of the AGA, and was assisting the other two in the refueling of their ambulance, when all of them spotted a group of five lights above the nearby Andes mountains.

The lights were in a horizontal line moving towards the ASA. Leslie Kean (investigative journalist and author) writes for The Huffington Post that the sergeant, a 27-year Air Force veteran,  first thought the lights might be helicopters. However, they made no sound. He soon realized they were something much more mysterious.

The sergeant then ran towards the main gate and shouted for the guard on duty. Meanwhile, the paramedic and the EMT took out their phones and began shooting video.

As the men watched the lights, they transformed from a straight line to a triangle, then a circle. Soon after, the lights moved back over the mountains and out of view. The entire event only took a few minutes, and the cell phone cameras were recording the entire event.

Illustration of the lights in relation to the mountains and trees. (Credit: CEFAA)

Illustration of the lights in relation to the mountains and trees. (Credit: CEFAA)

Illustration of the lights in relation to the mountains and trees. (Credit: CEFAA)

Although the lights are difficult to make out, the excitement of the witnesses can be heard.

    They’re UFOs! Damn I can’t capture them in my camera! Look at the formation they have now! I am seeing a formation of five luminous objects, that my cell phone doesn’t seem to catch. But if you were here you would see them perfectly!
    Oh my God, look! They are coming down! I can’t see anything in my camera. Over here look! Before they looked super big. Now they are getting dimmer. Wow, this is amazing!

In a testament to the excitement of the moment, a retired Air Force general, who just happened to have stopped by the base within minutes of the sighting, reported his encounter with the excited sergeant. He said the excited sergeant approached him and asked: “‘Did you see the lights, General?’ ‘We had them right here on top of the Academy…five UFO’s, red in color…here, right on top of us… General, I thought one of them was going to land here!'”

The next morning, General Ricardo Bermúdez, director of CEFAA, received a phone call from the director of the AGA. The AGA director said he had arrived at the base about fifteen minutes after the incident. He had rushed to the base in response to an urgent phone call. He could also attest to the genuine excitement of the sergeant.

Leslie Kean being interviewed by Chilean media during a visit in 2012. General Bermúdez stands to her right. (Credit: DGAC)

“The sergeant acted like someone who’s seen something very strange,” he told Bermúdez. “He also said he hadn’t believed in those things [UFOs] until after what had just happened.”

Besides the five lights witnessed by all three men, the sergeant said he had witnessed an additional object. The sergeant told Bermúdez, “I saw an oval shape, like a submarine. The upper part had windows with lights coming out and was shaped like a submarine, with a dome or something like it.”

Illustration of the submarine-like object seen by the sergeant. (Credit: CEFAA)