Hsu Yun (aka Xu-Yun), famous Chan Buddhist monk (bellow left), recounts a UFO sighting from 1884 in his autobiography.

I climbed the Da-luo Peak, where I paid reverence to the ‘wisdom lamps’ said to appear there. I saw nothing the first night but on the second, I saw a great ball of light flying from the Northern to the Central Peak, where it came down, splitting a short while later into over ten balls of different sizes. The same night, I saw on the Central Peak three balls of light flying up and down in the air and on the Northern Peak, four balls of light which varied in size.

This story can also be found in the pictorial biography (bellow right) and reads:

The Master bowed to the Wisdom Lamps on top of Ta Lo Mountain.
People often came to this spot to witness what fortune they might.
At first there was nothing unusual, but then they all appeared:
Large ones, small ones, and in between – each fireball was unique.

Picture: On the left Hsu Yun (Xu-Yun) and on the right 'wisdom lights'