MUFON UFO Report #44202 Stathelle, NO

Event Time: 2012-11-20 5:00 PM

My sister and me was out walking my dog, and we where talking about some other UFO sightings when we suddenly saw a triangle shaped flying vehicle with 3 bright/yellow lights in each corner, seemed like there was some light coming from the middle but not sure.

There was a light at the back of the vehicle on top and at the middle, it seemed to blink red.

It flew right over us and just kept going. Almost no sound came from it, it could be that it was some “hum” like a vacuum cleaner, but not sure.

It flew rather low as well, we could see it’s shape clearly but at the same time it was kinda blurry/translucent.

And it didn’t go that fast. It just flew in a straight line until we couldn’t see it anymore.

My sister was scared but I just felt like waving. Just became indescribable curious.