Place of sighting: Moscow, Russia
Date and time: 2012-12-01 18:25:00 UTC

Filmed from the 11th floor, from the administrator building, approximately at 01/12/2012 18:25, with NIKON D90 camera. Object was observed for 10 minutes, then reduced brightness and it went off. The object was noticed over park at a night-time. The object was very bright, shining the park territory. The luminescence was unusually uniform, shadows from the shined trees seemed strange directed. Object additional details were not revealed, it was unclear if it was flat or had a volume, but most likely it was spherical, the luminescence was absolutely uniform on whole surface. Seemed like it may be some device or light, but there was nothing. In a vicinity there weren't any person, the generator, a lighting cable ... it seemed strange, in a few minutes light grew dull sharply and in some (25-30) seconds it went off. Not far from object the car stopped, the driver obviously didn't decide to go further since the object hung over the road. After the object went out, it seemed logical, to see some kind of gone-out sphere or optical device of some kind, but there was nothing except trees and the road. I decided to check what it was, it took me 25 minutes on foot. There was nothing except the traces of cars on the road, snow was not touched, there were only mine tracks, there were no scorched branches, a smoke smell etc. For a light source of such power it seemed unusual.


On the pictures bellow you can see that there are not any of the lights, cables or other devices