A new video shows a UFO flying near Popocatépetl in central Mexico.

The Epoch Times appropriately describes the UFO in this video as a “white and blurry object.” The camera follows this blurry object as it flies across the sky.

The blurry video makes it impossible to make out any physical details of the flying object. But the object’s behavior and flight path are straight and smooth as the UFO appears to gradually descend. Additionally, it is difficult to determine just how close the unknown object is to the volcano and its neighboring mountain range.

This was filmed earlier, few days ago. UFO Causes Massive Explosion As It Enters Volcano In Mexico.

Eyewitness states:
Today was an eruption the volcano of Colima and Jalisco as usual there is always strange phenomena in volcanoes and even more in these events so that we find as an object enters the volcano at high speed just before the explosion.

Video is bellow.