On Monday at about 19:55 hrs. a resident of the city of Kolomna, Russia witnessed what can be described as a “multiple UFO sighting“. In the video below we can see flashing lights behaving in ways rarely seen.

We believe that this event has a high degree of “unconventionality” that makes it quite unique and interesting because of the following arguments:
– The objects move in different directions and sometimes many of them achieve certain immobility or stability when others start moving. This behavior discards that they are displaced by the wind effect and seems to indicate that the object has some sort of own impulse.
– The high number of lights concentrated in a small area doubts the possibility of any known manned aircraft.
– The sighting was documented by a second witness who posted a short video describing “strange lights in the sky”.
Watch the videos:

It could be some kind of common military exercise? The behavior of the lights is undoubtedly strange, some times they seem to be tied together, but the whole group still remain fairly static. Neither seem to behave as “common” military flares. In the second video we get to see some sort of trail on a couple of the lights that is not entirely clear what it can be but does not seem to be smoke.

Even last February was sighted the exact same phenomenon in the same city.

As additional data we would like to mention that also in Kolomna, but a year ago, was caught sighting with similar characteristics where the people of Kolomna on that occasion declared that such things happen in the city often enough, some say it happens everyday.

Source: ufosonearth.com