Supposed there WERE pyramids in Antarctica? What would it mean?

Well, for one thing, it would confirm the speculations of many Atlantologists (including, incidentally, the Nazis), who believe that the ice-covered continent was in fact Atlantis, the continent literally being “sunk” under water, in this case, ice.

The presence of such structures would raise the bar considerably not only for Atlantology but also for the possible motivations of the Nazi expedition in late 1938 and early 1939, and make it likely – if they discovered such structures during their aerial reconnaissance flights over the southern continent – that they decided to follow up with further investigations.

Another story that just surfaced today is about palm trees having once thrived in Antarctica, when it was much warmer of course, which included the image below by Etienne Classen of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. The picture shows a pyramid structure surrounded by ice right in the center of the shot, right on the coast, as if this was what they were trying to photograph, an obvious clue which prompted the research and writing of this story.