The Wright Brothers thought they were inventing the airplane, but an ancient Hindu sage beat them to it, about 7,000 years ago.

The claim is based on ancient Hindu texts, such as the Vedas and the Puranas, were presented at a session on “Ancient Indian Sciences through Sanskrit,” held for the first time in the history of the Indian Science Congress, which took place for the 102nd time in Mumbai on Sunday.

The lecture was presented by Captain Anand Bodas, a retired principal of a pilot training facility, was dedicated to ancient airplane technology. “There is a reference to ancient aviation in the Rigveda,” Bodas said.

“The basic structure was of 60 by 60 feet, and in some cases, over 200 feet. They were jumbo planes,” Bodas said. “The ancient planes had 40 small engines. Today's aviation does not know even of a flexible exhaust system.”

The ancient vimana could not only move in any direction, but travel between planets, Captain Bodas claimed.

The more than 3,000-year-old manuscript also described ancient pilots’ diet and clothes.

“Now we have to import aeroplane alloys. The young generation should study the alloys mentioned in his book [Vimana Samhita by Maharishi Bharadwaj] and make them here,” Bodas said. He mentioned 97 reference books for aviation.

Bodas’s bodacious claims infuriated other participants in the congress, however.

The organizers of the congress, which unites over 30,000 Indian scientists, believed they were reviving the “vast knowledge of science” contained in the Indian holy texts.