According to Yahoo News UK, many in China believe a UFO is to blame for their recent moon rover’s demise, even scientists and engineers.

The official Chinese government story is that their rover, named Jade Rabbit, malfunctioned due to extreme cold. However, some scientists and military personnel have been telling state-run news stations that a UFO may have taken the rover out.

According to Nigel Watson, the author of The Haynes UFO Investigation Manual, Chinese UFO enthusiasts have been suggesting that either UFOs or the USA disabled the rover in order to keep it from discovering secret bases or other high-tech moon based secrets.

Watson told Yahoo News UK, “There has been a huge interest in this topic in China since the 1980s and the launch of the Jade Rabbit inspired a renewed interest in all space-related topics. At the moment China has 60 UFO researchers scattered throughout the country ready to investigate any alien encounters.”

Yahoo News UK says that UFOs are taken much more seriously in China. UFO stories in the news do not have the same tongue in cheek spin as they do in the U.S., and are covered in a serious manner. There are even UFO groups that require members to have published scientific papers.