Mike Bara reveals a fascinating new discovery from his new book Ancient Aliens on Mars 2, in the form of a massive building shaped in the form of the Egyptian Eye of Horus. First identified by Steve Meads, on his blog, the huge structure has a direct connection with pre-Dynastic Egypt.

Graham Hancock describes the connection between Earth and Mars in his book, The Mars Mystery, the secret connection between Earth and the Red Planet.

"The ancient Egyptians envisaged a profound connection between Mars and Earth and more specifically between Mars and the Great Sphinx of Giza. The planet and the monument were both seen as manifestations of Horus, the divine son of the star-god Isis and Osiris. The planet and the monument were also both called by the same name Horakhti, meaning "Horus in the Horizon." Mars in addition was sometimes known as Horus the Red, and the Great Sphinx for much of its history, was painted red."