In October of 2014, Dutchsinse filed a freedom of information request with the Department of the Navy / Office of Naval Research / Naval Research Laboratories for information on H.A.A.R.P.

On January 22, 2015 a packet of information was delivered to his house with several documents honoring his information request!

Contents of the packet from the Navy Laboratories:

"Artificial Ionosheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP". This is the topic for the video Dutchsinse made back in 2013!

"Plasma ball generated inside polyhedral cavity resonator with an external Microwave field" -- USING 2.45GHz microwave RADAR at to control plasma rings/spheres.

Controlling rings of plasma using 2.45GHz RADAR is the exact description of what a "HAARP ring" is.

"HAARP ring" was a slang term I came up with to describe strange pulsing rings (spheres / bubbles) to appear over RADAR stations operating at 2.4GHz.

RADAR stations were (are) producing these "HAARP rings" high above the transmitter stations. The rings showed up as circular on RADAR due to a reflection of frequency occurring when these "plasma rings / bubbles" are formed in the atmosphere.

This paper proves Dutchsinse’s theories are right 100%. That RADAR can induce plasma over the transmitter and that plasma takes the shape of a bubble/circle/ring above the antenna emitting pulses at 2.4GHz.

This is profound proof that RADAR (like NEXRAD used by the national weather service) can indeed be causing unintentional plasma discharges. HAARP rings are not just a glitch on the screen, they are areas of plasma occurring along the perimeter of the transmission where the 2.4GHz interacts with the upper atmosphere going into the ionosphere.

In essence, RADAR is causing a stripping of electrons in the upper atmosphere, which then forms into invisible plasma (the precursor to lightning - electron buildup).

The plasma buildup occurs at the perimeter of the "sphere" or 3D ring area of coverage from a transmitting tower. When we see a "HAARP ring" RADAR pulse, it takes the shape of the "ring" around the transmitter.... at the edge where the ring can be seen as a RETURN ON THE RADAR ... the "return" we are seeing is a reflection of energy itself.

The Navy has found that plasma actually REFLECTS radio frequency like a mirror. They can use one frequency (a Microwave) to strip electrons in the atmosphere, which those stripped electrons then act like a reflective surface which can take a radio wave and bounce it in any direction the electron mirror is facing.

Thus, the "reflection" at the perimeter of the weather RADAR, when they are pulses excessive pulses of 2.4GHz microwaves, becomes overcharged with stripped electrons.

Those stripped electrons form into 'HAARP rings' above the National Weather Service RADAR towers. Causing weather modification by another process called CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) formation.

CCN forms around dust normally, but they have found that stripped electrons will also attract molecules of H2O, forming clouds, and weather.

They have also found that excessive electrons can induce ACTUAL visible lightning, and if targeted can produce VISIBLE plasma in the atmosphere.

They have found that they can "pump up" the plasma bubble once formed with another RADAR elsewhere. Target the bubble with another 2.4Ghz signal, and the bubble can be moved, or controlled.

Since the National Weather Service is pulsing 2.4Ghz signals.... the reason tornadoes are coming towards their towers, and hitting the airports where RADAR is being used, is because the MAGNETIC discharge of the electron precipitation is drawing in the weather due to the magnetic charge of the sky being a polar opposite than the charge of the ground where the pulse is coming from (the RADAR tower).

This paper proves all the theories correct, since they did the experiments to prove these theories at HAARP itsel, using 2.4GHz RADAR's as well.

Below video: Dutchsinse receives the packet of information and documents from the Office of Naval Research.

Source: ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com