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"Do you remember the two glowing square objects in a crater on the dwarf planet Ceres? I guess its hard to forget. Well two new photos from NASA this week confirm these two objects are there. As Dawn went into orbit around Ceres it captured these photos, which by the way, are low quality images so that the public cannot see the actual detail of the alien buildings. Have you ever wondered why your old phone from 2008 took better photos than this NASA probe and their millions of dollars they spent on their camera? Well, its because NASA reduces the quality of their images with alien structures by 30-60% in an attempt to keep the public in the dark."

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The mysterious bright spots on Ceres - bright spot can now be seen to have a companion

NASA provided this low res map pic of the surface of the Ceres. Even in low res this spots are seen, even shapes can be seen, it looks like squares suggesting that it is not a natural occurence. Second interesting characteristic is that it has weird spectral temperature features as explained in the video bellow.