A UFO case that may fall more into the category of "folklore" than anything else, is that of a crashed saucer and retrieval in the Arizona desert in 1953. The case bears some similarities to the Cape Girardeau, Missouri Crash of 1941 The details of this case have been brought to us from two well-known UFO researchers, Raymond Fowler, and Richard Hall. The informant was originally named Fritz Werner, but later his real name, Arthur G Stancil, was divulged.
Bus with Blacked-out Windows:
Stancil claims to be an eye-witness to the events described below, and the entire case rests on the validity of his testimony. He has signed a legal document vouching to his honesty. Stancil states that while he was working a government contract at a nuclear facility in Nevada, he was called by his boss on May 21, 1953. He was sent on a covert mission. After flying to Phoenix, Arizona, he was soon a passenger on a bus with blacked out windows, and driven for about four hours to an unknown location.

Craft Embedded into Sand:
All of the personnel on the bus were instructed to not communicate with each other. Stancil claims that everyone on board was a stranger to him. After arriving at the desert location, which was about a four hour ride north of Phoenix, the first thing that Stancil saw were two large military light-alls illuminating the night scene almost like daylight. The investigator saw the reason for the mission-a disc-shaped object about 30 feet in diameter partially buried in the sand.
Arizona ufo crash

Off-The-Record Mission:
Those who had accompanied him seemed to quitely go where their particular expertise led them. The craft itself was totally surrounded by people of mixed groups and organizations, including military. It appeared to Stancil that the object had crashed because of either an internal explosion, or it had been hit by military rockets. There was an obvious hole in the aluminum-like skin. Stancil's duties included determining the speed of the UFO, which he did. He knew that this was an "off-the-record" mission.
Small Body of Creature:
As the tenseness of the group began to ease, he started a line of communication with some of the others present. They told him about the inside of the craft. There were small chairs in a cabin, although he was not allowed to see inside. Stancil's next move was to peek inside of a nearby tent. He was astonished to see the body of a small alien creature, about four feet tall. The being was wearing a head covering, and a suit of silver. About that time, team members were called to return to their bus.

"Official Secrets":
Before the bus left the crash area, all team members were required to sign the "official secrets" act, and told not to relate what they had seen to a living soul. As I remarked earlier, the authenticity of this case rests almost entirely on the character of Stancil. Fowler claims that the did a thorough back check on him, and was satisfied as to his truthfulness. There would be, however, some additional information that may lend to the story's validity.
Small Being Packed in Dry Ice:
Though not named, soldiers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio have claimed that they received delivery of "three small bodies, packed in ice." This shipment was allegedly from Arizona. The description of the small beings very closely matched that given by Stancil of his trip to the crash site. Fowler has said that there are corroborating witnesses, but their names and testimony have not been released.