In Llandrillo, North Wales, United Kingdom, on January 23, 1974, an extremely compelling UFO event began. Many of the residents of the village heard an extremely loud noise. Most of the citizens thought that an explosion had occurred-possibly a plane crash. Those who ventured outside on this cold night were astonished to see blue and orange lights near the Cader Bronwen mountain.

Witness Statements:
There would be many eyewitness accounts of what was seen. The press immediately investigated the occurrence, and interviewed those close to the scene of the lights on the mountain. The first newspaper accounts made this statement:

"There was a huge explosion a few minutes after 8:30 PM. From various accounts, this preceded, some say, by up to two or three minutes, a violent shaking of the ground, like a medium-sized earthquake-objects inside houses were knocked off shelves."

Area Cordoned Off:
The scene of the area near the mountain would closely resemble the Kecksburg, Pennsylvania crash of 1965. Local police would arrive at the scene first, soon followed by the Royal Air Force. The area in and around the crash site was zoned off, with no one allowed to enter. A search and rescue effort would be ongoing for several days, with no information being related to interested bystanders or press personnel.

Group of Men:
An employee of a hotel in nearby Bala would come forward with a very interesting story. He stated that a group of men had checked into the hotel, and stayed during the search of the mountains. They did admit that they were involved in the mission, but could not talk about what they had seen or found at the site. Another account was given by a nurse who lived in Llanderfel, also close to the scene of the crash. Local police had asked for the assistance of the nurse at the crash site. She was told a plane had gone down in the area.

A Glowing UFO:
Being rushed to the scene, and not being able to get a sitter for her teenage daughters, she was forced to take them along. Driving on B4391, at 10:00 PM, the road was deserted. As she reached the foot of the mountain chain, she was shocked at what she saw... a glowing UFO. She and her daughters would later relate their story to the press. They saw a UFO, which was almost intact. It was a large, circular object, and glowed an orange color.
Escorted from Site:
They were within a couple of hundred yards of the object, and were certain of what they saw. They also saw emergency personnel-local police and military, close to the object. The nurse was instructed to immediately leave the area. She told the authorities that she was ordered to the site, but was quickly escorted from the area.
Investigation Covered Up:
For several days, all roads leading to the crash area were closed to everyone but authorized personnel. The nurse was told by local shepherds that they were not allowed to tend their flocks during the operation at the mountain. Most of the citizens that lived near the area of the mountain crash were convinced by what they saw that a military cover-up was being conducted. It is still a mystery as what exactly happened on January 23, 1974 near the Berwyn Mountains of Wales.