There is more than enough evidence to indicate that a highly evolved reptilian life form is interacting with human beings. Their presence has been witnessed in every corner of the Earth by people from all walks of life. Now that we have established the fact that they are here, the next question to address is: Where are they coming from?

Theories as to the origin of reptilian "alien" life forms range appear to be threefold. From the accumulative evidence provided to thus far, it has been determined that they are either:

a) Extra-Terrestrial. (ET’s) Beings from another planet or star system,

b) Inner Terrestrial (IT’s) Beings that are naturally evolved terrestrial (Earth) life forms that reside in inner earth Caverns, sub-cities, and underwater bases.

c) Inner-Dimensional. (ID’s) meaning other alien entities existing in vibrational levels (time/space travelers etc.)

Although a large amount of data supporting each theory exists, this report will only address the basic facts regarding each. It is important to realize that, even though each theorized origin appears to be distinct in it’s own right, all three theories could be, and are probably, correct.

These brief descriptions of each theorized reptilian "alien" origin reflect the current perceptions within the UFO community. Many investigators/researchers have observed evidence supporting each particular theory, suggesting that all three may in fact be correct. Some reptilians come from far distant solar systems, others evolved here on Earth and have remained hidden in their underworld empire, while others permeate through the dimensional barrier that separates humanity from the astral realms of the dead. If even one of these theories is true, then humanity is headed towards a revelation of which only the wildest imaginations could ever conceive. We have been warned by the Hebrew, American Indian, Aztec and Hindu prophets that, at the "End of Days", we will encounter Dragons, Leviathans and serpent-gods. They shall, we are told, arrive as the harbingers of terror, death, redemption and salvation. From where they will come is a question that has eluded the finest of scholarly minds that study the prophesies. One thing we do know, however, and that is that the have arrive here, on and in ...EARTH.