As Inner or Ultra-dimensional beings, the reptilians are thought to have originated from a neighboring frequency dimension we might recognize as the realm of the Dead (the location to which our soul matrix goes to upon death), also called Devechan (the Hindu region of the in-between or afterlife.) The atoms that comprise the Inner dimensional reptilian beings’ physical bodies are spinning at a different rate than our own and the frequency of the spin is outside normal human visual perception.

Just as the frequency matrix of a human soul can remain in our dimension and be perceived as ghosts, reptilian beings inhabit the same frequency region as do spirits or ghosts, but are able to materialize their forms into the third "dense" dimension to physically interact with "living" humans. This transfer from fourth to third dimension and back was, for a time, not easy for them to do. (Some people believe that the reports of "rains" of frogs, rocks, fish etc. that were recorded in the later half of the eighteen hundreds [Later written about by author Charles Forte] were early attempts by reptilian scientists to send inanimate and animate life forms through the dimensional barrier that divided the two frequency realms.)

After the first atomic atmospheric test was conducted over the desert floor of New Mexico in the early 1940's, the resulting Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) permanently split the dimensional barrier open in that one area. And, through this newly formed dimensional portal, the military-scientific industrial complex of the reptilians race poured forth in their craft and began to occupy the third dimension in force. (Every consecutive atmospheric nuclear detonation that has since occurred may have created other "Portals of Entry") (Note: Fraternal orders of practicing magicians or priests [not simple illusionists] are also accredited for initiating contact with inanimate reptilian beings living in their natural "astral" state by opening dimensional portals with focused thought form energy.)

Some ultra dimensional beings are thought to be able to reside in the deepest levels of the underworld for indefinite periods of time because the deep rock shielding and proximity to the center of the Earth require densified matter around the frequency shell of a conscious being. These non-physical inner Earth reptilians are also considered Astral Intelligences, Fallen Angels or Demons of the Underworld (Hell).

The question often arises as to whether or not the Inner Dimensional reptilians have always been from this "other side?" It is certainly possible they once lived in our third dimension as beings of physical matter and that during a global conflict (probably with the Elder race or Elohim) they were "killed" in battle and displaced into the fourth dimension, trying ever since to return to their third dimensional realm.

It has also been suggested that from this astral state, they have managed to provoke humans into warfare and situations of stress and fear to extract various auric (emotional) frequencies for their own purposes. Through the highly suggestive human consciousness, these negatively charged reptilian "energy leeches" or "psychic vampires", orchestrate and feast off situations of genocide, global conflict, drug usage (amphetamines, cocaine, "uppers", etc.), sexual perversions and the wholesale slaughter of animal life (cattle, poultry, swine etc.)

This particular aspect of the reptilian non-physicality is quite extensive and will not be addressed completely in this report. Other related issues (that are addressed in the book) are: Psychology of the inner mind (archetypes), human evolution, frequency vibrations, human perceptions, thought forms and experiencer reports (to name a few.)